Dynamics 365 for Operations. Code to disable XDS policy.

To disable XDS policy in AX 2012 we can use


However, this method does not exist in new AX any more. Now we need to wrap code where we want to disable XDS policy with unchecked(Uncheck::XDS)

    select ValidTimeState(_asOfDate) maxof(ValidTo) from hcmEmployment
        where hcmEmployment.Worker == _workerRecId;

Query::insert_recordset() ignores XDS policy.

Recently we did a customization to create custom XDS policy and found out that Query::insert_recordset() ignores it, so all data is selected.

Simple workaround is to rewrite Query::insert_recordset() to while(queryRun.Next()).

However no one really wants to modify bunch of standard code that uses this method so connect issue was created. Feel free to vote for it.

It could be reproduced in AX 2012 and AX 7 as well.