MSDyn365FO. “Failed to publish Power BI Embedded report” error when you activate Embedded Power BI for OneBox.

If you want to enable Power BI Embedded for your OneBox (Tier 1) environment follow this outstanding guide . However, It may not work for you and you can get “Failed to publish Power BI Embedded report” or “LoadReportFailed” errors. One of the possible reasons (if you followed the guide precisely and did not mess with the setup) is deprecation of Workspace Collections.  The good news is that there is a work around. Azure subscription with workspace collection should be connected to LCS implementation project and that’s it! Please note that it’s not necessary to have FnO VM or Azure SQL Server in the same subscription with workspace collection, so workspace collection can be deployed to implementation project subscription and VM with DB can sit in your demo subscription, even in different Azure region.