MSDyn365FO. Add postTargetProcess method to a Data Entity via extension.

Quite a while ago I wrote a blog post about postTargetProcess method that could be added to a data entity for post processing. Previously, you could add it only to a newly created entity, but now you can extend any entity using CoC.

This method is a bit special because it is not declared on the parent object, but is called via reflection by DMFEntityBase class. Full list of method that work in the same way:

  • defaultCTQuery
  • copyCustomStagingToTarget
  • postGetStagingData
  • preTargetProcessSetBased
  • postTargetProcess

DMFEntityBase uses tableHasStaticMethod() to check if a method is defined and DictDataEntity.callStatic() to call it. In the latest PUs Microsoft added support of CoC methods to Dict* API and reflection methods, so now it is possible to use CoC method in this scenario as well.

Extension is quite simple and straightforward, all you need to do is to declare static method with respective signature and do not call next because this method is not defined on the parent object:

final public class MyDataEntity_Extension
    public static void postTargetProcess(DMFDefinitionGroupExecution _dmfDefinitionGroupExecution)
        //do stuff


AX 7. Process the data after Data Entity import.

It’s a common requirement to perform post actions on records that are imported by Data Entity, for example to invoice created sales order or to post created journal.

To do this we need to add a new method postTargetProcess() to our Data Entity. This method is automatically called by the DMFEntityWriter class in the end of processRecords() method when all records are transferred from staging to target. It is not available from override method drop down on Data Entity because it is static and is called via reflection.

/// <summary
/// Executes the logic once after processing the target data.
/// </summary>
/// <param name= “_dmfDefinitionGroupExecution">
/// The definition group that should be processed.
/// </param>
public static void postTargetProcess(DMFDefinitionGroupExecution _dmfDefinitionGroupExecution)
    //check if import job is finished
    if (_dmfDefinitionGroupExecution.StagingStatus == DMFBatchJobStatus::Finished)
        MyStaging myStaging;

        //select all staging records that were processed by current execution job without errors.
        while select myStaging
            where myStaging.DefinitionGroup == _dmfDefinitionGroupExecution.DefinitionGroup
               && myStaging.ExecutionId     == _dmfDefinitionGroupExecution.ExecutionId
               && myStaging.TransferStatus  == DMFTransferStatus::Completed
            //here you can find newly created records and update\post them.

Please note that it can be done only in data management scenarios but not via OData because OData updates\inserts records row by row and there is no post event\method to use.