MSDyn365FO. AX 2012 data upgrade with virtual companies.

In Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations virtual companies are deprecated and could not be upgraded according to the documentation that just state this fact without proposing a solution.

If we cannot upgrade, then we need to get rid of them. Here are the high level steps how you can de-virtualize a table. Let’s say that we have virtual company V with two companies: A and B. V has only one table collection with one table for simplicity, let’s call it Table1.

  1. Delete a data from Table1 that belongs to the companies A and B. When you create a virtual company, you may already have some data in the tables you want to share. That data may be orphaned, so we want to delete it to avoid duplicates. Can be done via simple T-SQL script:
    DELETE FROM Table1
  2. Go to System administration > Setup > Virtual company accounts and delete the virtual company.
  3. Restart AX client.
  4. Insert data from the virtual company to de-virtualized companies via X++ job:
    static void deVirtualizeTables(Args _args)
        DataAreaId          virtualDataAreaId = 'V';
        container           oldCompaniesCon = ['A', 'B'];
        VirtualDataAreaList virtualDataAreaList;
        void deVirtualizeTable(TableId _tableId)
            int             i;
            DataAreaId      dataAreaId;
            SysDictTable    dictTable = new SysDictTable(_tableId);
            Common          buffer = dictTable.makeRecord();
            Common          newBuffer;
            while select crossCompany buffer
                where buffer.dataAreaId == virtualDataAreaId
                for (i = 1; i <= conLen(oldCompaniesCon); i++)
                    dataAreaId = conPeek(oldCompaniesCon, i);
                    changeCompany (dataAreaId)
                        newBuffer = null;
                        newBuffer = dictTable.makeRecord();
                        buf2buf(buffer, newBuffer);
        select firstOnly RecId from virtualDataAreaList;
        if (virtualDataAreaList)
            throw error('Delete a virtual company first!');
  5. Delete data from the virtual company. It cannot be done from X++ because you cannot use changeCompany with a company that does not exist. T-SQL:
    DELETE FROM Table1

Now we are ready to run standard data upgrade procedure!

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