MSDyn365FO. How to playback a task recording from X++.


Warmup of a VM is an old issue and everyone tries to find a workaround. It is critical for demo VMs that are turned off most of the time and you don’t want to demo a product that is slow as hell.

Well-known workaround is to manually open all the forms you are going to use but it’s boring and time-consuming task. One of the yammer users came up with an idea to use task recording and here is an implementation in its dirtiest way (calling private methods on object without any validation) that is good enough for demo anyway, so feel free to improve this code:

class WarmUpRunnableClass
    public static void main(Args _args)
        var currentRecording = SysBPMHelper::LoadLocalizedRecordingFromLCS(80244103); //BpmLineId here.

        Args args = new Args();;

        FormRun formRun = ClassFactory.formRunClass(args);

This runnable class could be executed from URL, so you can add it to Windows Task Scheduler and execute it on the VM start automatically.

80244103 is a task recording id that is hardcoded here for simplicity. Previously I recorded it and saved to BPM. You can improve this code and add some smarties to grab it from BPM using search by keyword or any other logic you like.

For those who think that hardcode is good enough to get this number you need to go to LCS, open BPM and find task recording you want to run. PLID value from URL is a number you need: